"Este blog es irreal y grosero.
Sus posts célebres son pobres imitaciones y debido a su contenido nadie lo debe ver."


3:51, you know what that means

"   I’m a paradox. I want to be happy, but I think of things that make me sad. I’m lazy, yet I’m ambitious. I don’t like myself, but I also love who I am. I say I don’t care, but I really do. I crave attention, but reject it when it comes my way. I’m a conflicted contradiction. If I can’t figure myself out, there’s no way anyone else has.   "
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"   Freud suggests that we imagine our lives as a story in which three parts of ourselves are always involved; that in doing any one thing we have a least three projects: we are satisfying a desire, we are sustaining a sense of moral well-being, and we are ensuring our survival.   "
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Culos for the win

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What have I turnt into?